About the Extreme Energy Zone

Explosion illustration. Image: NASA

Energy comes in many forms, and physicists use it in all forms, in vast quantities. In this zone we’ll meet the scientists taking energy use to the extreme in their research, as well as those researching energy itself. How much energy is needed, for instance, to search for the smallest particles in the universe? How fast can these tiny particles travel? What kind of installations do we need to make them collide and measure the result of the explosion?

In this zone you’ll be able to talk with scientists smashing tiny particles together very hard, as well as using tiny devices called metamaterials to make the smallest particle accelerators. There is also one scientist studying matter just after the Big Bang, as well as one looking at what the earliest moments of the Universe can tell us about the physics we understand today. There’s also a scientist researching what the Sun will look like when it finally runs out of fuel and dies.

You can find out more about the scientists in this zone, and what they work on by reading their profiles. Click on their names at the top of this page to find out more!

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